Chloé Valorso


Pre-History IKON Collection.

Chloé captures the primal essence of jewellery in her debut ring collection.

Chloé lives in Paris and graduated (2016) with first-class honours from Central Saint Martins in London. Chloé is engaged in the future of the planet and the future of the craft. Sourcing ethical material is essential in her design process. She aspires to travel globally to collaborate and learn about numerous tribes, their history, iconography and jewellery traditions.

She wants to focus on the relationship we carry with our jewellery with the power endowed in them. This consists of an interdisciplinary approach: Like an anthropologist, she collects objects and researches extensively. She records sketches, discoveries and experimentation in her numerous sketchbooks. As a designer, she seeks to unravel mysteries and create a new meaning through design and material sourcing.

Chloé’s Pre-History IKON collection takes inspiration from aspects of existing mythologies to create her own belief system. Chloé explores the importance of narrative and challenges the boundaries between real and unreal. Each piece has been sensitively crafted from natural materials drawn from Chloe’s own highly personal miscellany. The pieces act as amulets that empower the wearer through their compelling symbolic qualities and deep sense of history – an essential component in this innovative interpretation of mythology. 

Her Pre-History Collection is exclusively available through Valerio Jewellery in Fairtrade Silver and 14k and 18k White, Rose and Yellow Gold.


I will give you the treasures of the deep, and the jewels that are hidden in dark places.

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