Design Ethos

Hero: You have ravished my heart with a glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace. —Song of Songs

Our aim is to create a harmonious and elegant union between the land, the miner, the jeweller and the final customer.

Jewellery is symbolic, but of what?  We invest in jewellery a meaning that is almost primal in its essence; love, seduction, sex, allure, virtue, hope, pathos, purity and justice. It is used as a talisman that we entrust our most powerful memories too. The spiritual essence of jewellery is carried in far more than it's design. It is also carried in the source of the materials used. The ground from which a treasure emerges should be as blessed as the receiver of the final piece.

Valerio Jewellery is about blessing and creating legacy. Dedicated to the creation of beautifully crafted jewellery, forged from a design ethos of powerful, resolute, ethical and humanitarian values.

Valerio Jewellery offers classic, primal and contemporary designed luxury jewellery made from the most socially conscious, environmentally responsible and desirable metals and gems on the planet. Our aim is to create a harmonious and elegant union between the land, the miner, the jeweller and the final customer. Valerio Jewellery provides people with an opportunity to mark some of the most important occasions of their lives without the needless exploitation of other people and the planet.

Every piece is designed with loving care and attention, hand finished in the studio to ensure that when it is placed in the hand made leather box, we are sealing this harmonious union with a purity of substance and spirit that does justice to the integrity of everyone involved in its creation.

From our classic and elegant bridal collections, to our limited edition pieces, the materials and their associated colours convey meaning, and this meaning is woven into each creation in an attempt to create an almost liminal quality to adornment and a strong personalised narrative.

Gold for Holiness, Green for Nature, Red for Blood, White for Purity, Blue for Water.

Jewellery transcends narcissism and the cult of shallow beauty, jewellery is totemic, talismanic, imbued with transcendent meaning that either connects us to our better selves or the shadows that haunt our humanity. Valerio Jewellery raises the bar of expectation of meaning associated with jewellery and returns it to its original intent, the symbolizing of those moments of truth in our lives we can ill afford to forget.