Fairtrade Yellow Gold Ring designed by Chloe Valorso
Fairtrade Yellow Gold Ring designed by Chloe Valorso Fairtrade Silver Ring designed by Chloe Valorso

Pre-History IKON 2 Fairtrade Gold and Silver Ring

Designer: Chloé Valorso

14k Fairtrade Rose Gold 14k Fairtrade White Gold 14k Fairtrade Yellow Gold 18k Fairtrade Rose Gold 18k Fairtrade White Gold 18k Fairtrade Yellow Gold 925 Sterling Fairtrade Silver

Country of origin: Gold – Peru

Created exclusively from Fairtrade Gold and Silver. The Pre-History IKON 2 Ring is hand crafted, textured and finished in our UK workshop. Heavier than the IKON 1 ring, this ring for true gold lovers everywhere. Each piece is uniquely made to order. All rings come with Standard British Hallmarks.

Weights: Silver 20.8g, 14k Gold 26.9g, 18k 31.5g  (weight based on a ring size M).
Please note ring weights will change according to ring size ordered.


Price: £265.00

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Why Choose Fairtrade Gold?

Over 150 million dependents in small-scale mining earn just $1-2 dollars a day

Working in marginalised and often hazardous conditions, small-scale miners suffer limited access to legal mining rights and consistent exploitation. This is why we source all of our gold from Fairtrade mines—the purest gold source in the world.

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