Making Trouble: Fighting For Fair Trade Jewellery

Making Trouble: Fighting For Fair Trade Jewellery

Author: Greg Valerio

The notion of fair trade fine jewellery started with Greg Valerio and his work as an aspiring ethical jeweller in the 1990's. Greg soon discovered that the gold, silver and precious stones he was using came from some very murky places.  Making Trouble is Greg's unique story of how he pioneered the idea of ethical, fair trade and traceably sourced jewellery in an industry that did not care. Small scale mining is the second biggest global employer, and many of those miners earn a pittance, grinding poverty forcing them to labour long hours in dirty and dangerous conditions. Informed by those in the jewellery trade that this would never change, Greg set out to prove them wrong. Fairly traded gold is now available in the UK, although the battle continues in diamonds and coloured gemstones.

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Why Choose Fairtrade Gold?

Over 150 million dependents in small-scale mining earn just $1-2 dollars a day

Working in marginalised and often hazardous conditions, small-scale miners suffer limited access to legal mining rights and consistent exploitation. This is why we source all of our gold from Fairtrade mines—the purest gold source in the world.

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